Smart Residential & Commercial Meters: EM101-5

Product Details

  • For Residential, Commercial, and Industrial AMI Applications (Low Voltage)
  • Compliant with IEC and DLMS/COSEM standards for easy integration
  • 1 Phase 2 wires, Prepaid/Postpaid
  • Nominal Voltage: 220 V
  • Nominal Current: 5A
  • Maximum Current: 100A
  • Nominal Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Accuracy Class 0.5
  • Power Consumption ≤ 2W
  • IP Rating: IP54
More Information

The EM101-5-SmartG-02 single phase meter is a two wire, Prepaid/Postpaid compact electronic meter (direct connection meter), with accuracy class 0.5, capable of measuring KWh and is type approved according to IEC standards. The meter is used to measure energy consumption in 220 VAC, 50 Hz, and 5A-80A. It contains an independent measuring element allowing consumed energy to be measured in both line and neutral. There is a LED mounted on the front panel of the meter, pulsing at a rate of 3200 pulses per KWh for energy registration.