Smart Residential & Commercial Meters: EM101-4

Product Details

  • For Residential AMI Applications (Low Voltage)
  • Compliant with IEC and DLMS/COSEM standards for easy integration
  • 1 Phase 2 wires, Prepaid/Postpaid
  • Nominal Voltage: 230 V
  • Nominal Current: 5A
  • Maximum Current: 60A
  • Nominal Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Accuracy Class: 1
  • Power Consumption ≤ 2W, <10VA
  • IP Rating: IP54
More Information

The EM101-4 Smart G benefits from the RFID technology which allows a two-way communication path between the utility company and the consumer. The EM101-4 Smart G was developed to meet the changing requirements of worldwide utility markets. The EM101-4 Smart G benefits from modern technology and up-to-date manufacturing techniques resulting in low power losses, high reliability and more flexibility. Furthermore the meter is upgradeable to support a direct communication path between the consumer and the utility company without the use of meter readers, money collectors or vending stations via an AMM interface, hence reducing operational expenditure to the utility company and saving time for the consumer.

  • RS- 485
  • RFID
  • RF M-Bus (upgradable)
  • GPRS (upgradable)