Communication Modules: PLC Modem

Product Details

  • Prime PLC Communication
    • Power Line Carrier Modem for 50 & 60 HZ mains
    • 97-carriers OFDM PRIME
    • Differential BPSK, QPSK, 8-PSK PRIME compliant modulations
  • Communication Protocol: DLMS over Prime protocol stack
  • Power Source: Powered from the meter, or from external power source


  • Serial Communication Port: RS-485 Complies with DLMS/COSEM direct HDLC protocol
  • Data Transmission Rate: RS-485: 2400 bit/s,  PLC: 21.4 – 128.6 Kbit/s

The EM-PLC-SmartG02 is a data transmission modem that works over the Power line network .It uses the Prime protocol stack to send or receive the data. The modem could be connected to the meter as a plug and play modem that could be connected through the RS485.