Product Details

  • Nominal Voltage: 3 x 230 V
  • Operational Voltage Range Limits: 0.75 Un to 1.15 Un
  • Actual Consumption: Typical 20 W, max. 36 W
  • Nominal Frequency: 50 H
  • Back- Up Battery type: Powered by an external battery can be LAN/WAN side only
  • IP: 54



  • Link Layer: PRIME PLC, RS485, RS232, WMBus
  • Application Protocol: DLMS, MBus, Flag (IEC1107), MODBUS, PROFIBUS, DLT645
  • Direct Mode:  Port 4059 – DLMS via PLC


  • Ethernet/GPRS
  • Single SOAP interface (serves HES and WebUI), user roles

The data concentrator is a fully programmable device used in AMM systems for BUS communication management and for data collection from subordinate meters.
It is powered by an industrial microprocessor based on the LINUX operation system. The data concentrator manages both meter and superordinate system communication interfaces, executes automated meter read outs as well as relays HES data to meters.