Smart Grid

The Smart Grid solution is for those who wish to upgrade their network to the new era of Smart Grids. The  solution  aims  to  enhance  the  utility’s  management of  the  transmission  and  distribution  network through a real-time monitoring & control system. The solution is capable of providing in-depth analyses of the technical and non technical losses, asset utilization, network unbalance & overload consumption, load profile, and consumer behavior.
In addition, the solution can be integrated into the already existing utility system and is capable of reporting the results of analyses in the form of graphical representations and charts. Furthermore, it assists utilities in understanding the weaknesses of their distribution networks and planning for enhancements and future expansions.

El Sewedy EMG

A world class provider of end-to-end metering solutions & services that help Electricity, Water and Gas Utilities in overcoming operational challenges of Revenue Collection, Network Losses Reduction and Load Management.



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