Group Metering Solutions

What is the group metering solution

The group metering solution enables utility companies to remotely collect metering data as well as configure meters, which enhances the accuracy and swiftness with which data is transferred between the utility and consumers. The solution’s flexible design allows it to support different wired as well as wireless communication topologies and protocols including but not limited to GSM/GPRS, PLC, and CDMA.

E- Cash Features

No infrastructure needed

Remote connect and disconnect of loads

The utility can collect all meter data and configure the meter remotely

Demand Side Management

No need for Meter readers, money collectors or vending stations

Tamper notifications via SMS

No delay when transmitting data

Secure and stable data

sms service


  • Meters can be recharged via SMS service and disposable scratch cards
  • After a consumer performs a re-charge transaction, a message is sent to their mobile phone detailing the credit amount added to their meter as well as the current amount on the meter after the re-charge.

Received Information

  • If a consumer sends a “read” message, they can receive the following information:
    • Current Balance
    • Total Consumption (Optional)


    • In case of Tamper attempts a SMS message is sent to the Utility Inspector
    • If the Enclosure is opened or tampered with, a message is sent to the Utility Inspector

    Incorrect Entries

    • If a consumer sends an incorrect message, the system will send them a SMS message back detailing the correct procedures that need to be followed
    • If a code is sent incorrectly several times in a row, the system can block the mobile phone account sending the incorrect code. The mobile phone account can be reconnected by the utility